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We utilise private land for Nature-Based Solutions to move Europe towards climate resilience. 

Climate resilience needs land! LAND4CLIMATE, a EU-funded project that runs from 2023 to 2027, with the aim to deploy and demonstrate the practical application of Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) on privately owned land. NBS draw inspiration from natural processes and offer a means to support the resilience of both rural and urban areas. By specifically focusing on implementing NBS on private land, LAND4CLIMATE supports transformative efforts to make Europe more resilient to issues caused by climate change, implementing and scaling innovative land policy strategies. 

The project spans across six study areas in the continental Europe: Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Romania, and Slovakia, with associated replication areas. The LAND4CLIMATE consortium brings together five universities, six authorities at local, regional, and state levels, as well as non-governmental organisations, representatives from national parks, and stakeholders in community development and urban planning.

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